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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Welcome to the first website totally dedicated to helping you get the most out of Google's new AdSense program.

Google's AdSense is perhaps the fastest and easiest way to generate revenue from a website that contains great content.

Our names are Audri and Jim Lanford, and we're very excited about AdSense. In case we haven't yet met, you can click here.

Since it's a Google program, not surprisingly, it's not based on get-rich-quick or pie-in-the-sky ideas. Instead, it's a legitimate, well-conceived and executed program that will help many website owners achieve their goals.

Here you'll find everything you need to know about this new program to maximize your revenue and your AdSense results.

If you don't yet know anything about AdSense (or you'd like to know if it can benefit you), click here to discover the answer to the question: What is AdSense?

Or check out our free, special Google AdSense Web Tool. This tool allows you to peek at which Google AdWords may be displayed on your site. It also provides six suggestions for using the AdSense Web Tool to maximize your AdSense revenue.

Be sure to sign up for our free Mini-Course, 'Dollars and AdSense.' It's dedicated to helping you get the most out of Google's new AdSense program. We take you 'behind the scenes' and show you real-life examples of what's working and what isn't (and why), what pitfalls to avoid, specific tactics to improve your AdSense revenue, and much more.

Or you can click here for 10 easy tips to maximize revenue with AdSense.

Making Perfect Google AdSense

And be sure to check out our new edition of our ebook and audio, '10 Quick Steps to Making Perfect Google AdSense.'.

We've added a page to help you take advantage of Google's new Alternate Ads.

Finally, check out these Internet marketing recommended resources that will help you make the most of AdSense.

Don't miss out on perhaps the most exciting new source of revenue for small, medium or even large websites.

'Dollars and AdSense' FREE Mini-Course:
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